On this page, you will find various goods and services offered by former foster youth. Our Dream Makers staff works directly with each youth as they guide, coach, and assist in the process of developing a product or service that will help each of them provide for themselves financially.

A way we can all support the youth who have aged out of foster care is by using their services, purchasing their products, and coming alongside them as they continue to dream and discover what’s within them. Let’s continue to show them that they are seen, valuable, and worthy!


Recipes For Risk


There is a voice in all of us that asks, “Is there more to life than just having more stuff, vacations, and leisure?” When we aren’t living a life of meaning…



Tori Hope Petersen is a national speaker and writer. She speaks and writes about her personal experience in foster care, intermingling the Gospel …



Meet Jo, a creative and artistic deep thinker. She spent 7 years in foster care before aging out and has clung to passion for art, using it as



Richard spent 3 years in foster care before aging out at the age of 18. He has always been fascinated by photographs of…



Meet GeQwan, a brilliant and resilient young chef. His dream of becoming an entrepreneur and selling his spices that he has hand-picked and.



Annie spent 5 years in foster care before she aged out. Photography has always been a passion of hers, a creative outlet that…



Meet Angel, a talented and gifted creator. Angel spent most of her life in the foster care system until she aged out at 18 without a

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